We are now on the Pubside.

by Izuna Kohime, 28 days ago

In an effort to help us recruit and also consolidate us on the Pub side, we are now in control of the Umbra Pub side guild. PM me on Abbey, Cinderella, or Lara Croft (Cinderella and Lara have funny characters in them) to get a Character invited. Once we consolidate on the Pubside we will look in to gearing and progressing there as well. The leadership of the guild is as follows.


GM - Izzy

Council Members - Rai'Kill, Jerichaos, Sirra 

That is the founding Council for now, we will look into expanding further.

This move gives us the opportunity to create a story for us on our server, and host inter guild PvP matches on cross faction planets. It also gives us a place to level our Pub characters and experience the other side of the Star Wars Universe in SWTOR.

I am looking into making a PvP team/Star Fighter team for those interested and I am looking to still fill out the AO/UL Progression raid team. Let's try to come together on the pub side, and help fill our ranks so we can expand and do more fun events.


Thank you everyone for helping in making this guild whole again.


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One more dead!!!!

by Izuna Kohime, 97 days ago

Yup we got him!!!


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